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Arthur Aveniue - Bronx's Little Italy

November 8, 2014

Want to practice your traveling networking skills? Give them a workout in the vicinity of Arthur Ave and 187th Street . It is here that the curious are warmly welcomed with their questions about where to find the best of everything - coffee - Italian pastry.  cheeses, pasta, bread and a whole lot more.

When lots of people are in a common place like a store line or sharing a large tables at a popular eatery there are great opportunities for chats to develop.

People generously give their...

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Photography Dilemma

December 26, 2014

On a trip to NYC, I took lots of photos and selfies, but a few scenes proved challenging from the pose or background I wanted. At what point do I hand over my camera to a stranger to take a photo?

Two opportunities came to me - inside a theatre and believe it or not - on the sidewalk in front of the Bergdorf Goodwin Window display. In a split instance I knew I could give my camera to someone nearby - by looking deeply at their faces and expressions. Their kindness reflects on my face. The...

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Break the Silence

August 24, 2015

More and more, I find myself breaking the silence waiting for a show to begin by first smiling and then posing a question to those sitting nearby who appear receptive. My thinking is, “Yes, we are strangers, but we share a common interest and this can be a springboard to interesting conversation."

My ticket was for was a working rehearsal for Theatre Artist, Taylor Mac. He’s constructing a 24-Decade History of Popular Music as a 24 hour extravaganza performance. As I stepped through the...

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Caught Off Guard

November 22, 2015

I was taking a day trip to New York City and was waiting to take a downtown bus from 42nd Street and 2nd Ave. I saw some ticket kiosks, but ignored them because I had a MetroCard load with sufficient fare.

I entered the front of the bus and saw that there was no way to pay. The driver said I needed to pay at the kiosk outside and so I got off the bus, paid and waited for the next bus. It arrived and I noticed that there was a slot to pay and told the driver, I just paid and he asked for the...

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February 26, 2016

When I learned that a indie pop fairytale musical was in previews Off Broadway in New York City, my immediate thought was nightcation! I nabbed a seat for “The Wildness” at Ars Nova on W 54th Street. 

I was intrigued when the cast appeared early on stage. Their costumes were beautifully bizarre. One member asked me if I'd like to volunteer to be a part of the show. I replied “yes” and off I went backstage for a briefing. 

On cue, I became a actor for a few minutes.  As a solo traveler it...

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